Juice fast: Day 2

Today is the second day of my 21 day juice fast. The first thing I noticed when I woke up this morning was that I was very HUNGRY. Not a surprise really. So I went downstairs and sipped on a huge glass of water with Himalayan Salt while I made my juices for the day.

jen with juice
not my most attractive look

I am not supposed to have my “breakfast” until 10 AM so had to sit through my son’s breakfast (I nearly caved in when I was washing his strawberries but managed to refrain from stuffing one down my throat). I am allowed tea and coffee so did have a cup of Matcha tea mixed with Earl Grey.

Then comes my liver flush drink which I find quite tasty so happily drank. I then had a green juice for breakfast followed by the structured green smoothie (spinach, kale, water with salt, olive oil and lemon) and took the dog out for a walk. Unfortunately, every day these walks are getting more and more difficult due to the problems I am having with the muscles in my legs (probably a side effect from the hormonal medication – Letrozole). Today I had to drive to the local park and could only manage about 30 minutes with a few breaks to rest. I am hoping these symptoms improve over time otherwise I will have to come off of the medication. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing but I don’t think that there is anything else the traditional oncologist can do for me so I would then be relying solely on the supplementary treatments. I know that a lot of people are very dead set against using any traditional treatment and, conversely, a lot of people are also very against supplementary treatments. I however believe in availing myself of anything that has the potential to help. Traditional and supplementary treatments both have their place and often work best when combined.

After the walk, I came home and drank more water, tea, decaf coffee and various other concoctions containing healthy green stuff like spirulina, moringa and chlorella. What I did not do was eat. Even when my husband came down and made a very nice looking sandwich which smelled of roses and chocolate to me – I still did not eat! And I am still a little hungry but the various concoctions do help to fill me up a little. I was really looking forward to having some bone broth today but my oncologist said “no, no, no – glutamine!” Apparently I am only allowed it twice per week. Sigh.

I am now in bed resting my very tired legs and am contemplating getting up to do my daily caffeine enema. Followed by some meditation and maybe even a little snooze. At some point I have to down another glass of carrot juice with fulvic minerals and black seed oil and I should have some more green water. Bet you wish you were me!

Another very important part of the detox and fasting are infrared sauna sessions. Unfortunately I do not have access to one right now and there are none near me but as of next week I will be the proud owner of one – to go in our summerhouse. So for now I have to make do with a heating pad (which I just managed to spill an entire pot of coffee all over due to muscle weakness in my arms as well) and my evening epsom baths (the highlight of my day. I must get out more).

So that’s about it. I have not yet given in to temptation and have heard that these fasts get easier as they go along so I am looking forward to that point, but not as much as I am looking forward to tucking into a nice, big, juicy strawberry in 3 weeks time! In the meantime, if anybody wants to open a book on how many days I will last then let me know and I may even join in! (I fully intend to last 21 days, by the way).

Yours in health and spirulina,



Just Jen