Juice fast: Day 6

Today is day six of the juice fast and the detox symptoms have hit like a sledgehammer! No easing me into it, just sudden shakes, sweating and dizziness. It isn’t pleasant but it is very encouraging – these are recognised symptoms of detoxification and show that the fast is working. Unfortunately, today I cannot get out of bed and feel too ill to stomach half of my supplements.

my supplements
My supplements… no wonder I have trouble fitting them all in

So, how is it going? Well I have cheated a few times. Not with anything interesting. Yesterday and today I had a bite of celery in the morning as well as a bite of an apple. And I didn’t even enjoy it. It’s crazy, I give up food completely and the only cravings I have had are for celery and apple and that’s only when I am chopping them up for the juice.

The hunger hasn’t been too bad although I am feeling extremely hungry today. Neil brought me up some bone broth and a couple of juices and that will have to do for now.

Yesterday I had Reiki. As usual, about halfway through I fell asleep and kept waking myself up by snoring. Luckily no dribbling or sucking my thumb. That would be doubly embarrassing. However, I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me (other than the cancer). She always starts the Reiki session with a five-minute guided relaxation and this time it was a woodland walk. Here’s how it went…

Reiki lady: “picture a beautiful woodland. You are walking into the woodland and are surrounded by trees and beautiful colours with soft pine leaves under your feet.”

Yes I do picture a beautiful woodland and then immediately start thinking about Little Red Riding Hood and imagine myself in a big red hooded cloak being chased by the Big Bad Wolf complete with huge teeth dripping with blood. WTF?

big bad wolf

Reiki lady: “imagine the noises that you hear as you are surrounded by woodland animals and critters”

I immediately picture little squirrels, foxes and what’s that over there? Oh, how sweet, it’s Bambi. Then I remember what happens to Bambi’s mum and any chance of relaxation has been shot, just like the poor deer.

What the hell? Come on mind, let me relax for just a minute please!

Luckily, we soon left the wood land and I got to sit in a chair made of crystals on a beach with the waves lapping at my feet. This did relax me. Oh wait, what’s the big fin swimming close to the shore…?


Just kidding. All was peaceful…


The shakes seem to have subsided a bit so I’m going to attempt to sit up now. Enjoy your day,

Yours in health and relaxation,


Just Jen

Author: Jen

Jen Ainger is a 47 year old cancer babe, previous Pilates instructor and owner/manager of Eltham Pilates & Pilates 4 Scoliosis. Born and bred in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada she moved to the UK in 1993 (and now would like to tell you that she knows her “pants” from her “trousers”). She trained with Body Control Pilates in 2004 and opened the Little Pilates Studio in Greenwich soon after. The studio was sold in 2014 and she saw clients in her home studio until being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in July 2018, a life-changing diagnosis that set her off on a whole new path in search of healing, a journey being recorded in her blog. Jen is currently living in Eltham, Southeast London with her husband, whippet and 4-year old son. (Jen is now trying to raise money to cover the escalating costs of supplementary treatment as mainstream medical treatment can only offer palliative care. You can help out by donating through her GoFundMe page by clicking on the link in the menu at the top right).

2 thoughts on “Juice fast: Day 6”

  1. It sounds as though it’s working, Jen. I am sure the psychological horrors are part of a psychological detox so don’t worry. I think you have been so strong minded to continue with the fast. I am thinking of you lots. Caroline xx

  2. Hmmm… it seems there’s a theme to your woodland imaginings. May the Reiki replace fears with love and peace 🙏🏻🔥👍🏻 Let me know if you’d like me to send Reiki, too, or arrange to do a distance session. Love you, woman!!!

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