Just Jen: A dying girl's guide to life

Many years ago…. I plan to be doing this move again soon

Hi, I’m Jen. Just Jen – a Canadian living in London with a husband, whippet and 4 year-old son. I am also a Pilates instructor (currently on a long break) with a specialty in scoliosis and more recently a stage-4, supposedly terminal, breast cancer survivalist . What does that mean? It means that despite being told I have terminal cancer, I am fully determined to beat the odds and this has taken me on a sometimes frustrating but often uplifting and even fun healing journey. So please, come inside for a no-holds-barred but hopefully inspiring insight into my life with cancer. Share the ups, as well as the downs with many laughs (and photos of a cute whippet) along the way.

Me and my “nurse dog” jarvis on New Year’s Eve.

  I now have a GoFundMe page to help raise money for my supplementary treatments and medication. If you’d like to donate, please click here.